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The Polemic imprint produces books and media on politics. British Parliamentary Constituencies is an authoritative CD-Rom on the make-up of parliamentary constituencies in the post-1997 period which is supported by its own web-site. Reforming Labour discusses the issues of democracy within New Labour, and their consequence, from different points of view including those of the active membership.

British Parliamentary Constituencies on CD-Rom
Ivor Crewe and Tony Fox
Polemic Publishing
This CD-Rom is written by Professor Ivor Crewe of Essex University and Anthony Fox who have jointly produced many standard information resources on the British parliamentary system.British Parliamentary Constituencies cover
Reforming Labour
The publication is intended for students of politics from A-level to postgraduate level, lecturers, teachers, journalists and politicians. It illustrates the political, social and economic make-up of every British parliamentary constituency in 1997.
The data includes the outcomes of the 1999 European elections. A separate disc is supplied which contains voting data from the 2001 general election for all seats in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The CD-Rom covers:
All Westminster constituencies, based on 1997 electoral boundaries, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
National and regional voting trends
The geographical location and administrative make-up of constituencies and their Press Association numbers
A profile of each constituency and its MP and key data which includes:
Comprehensive data sets on voting and voting changes
Information on the economic, demographic and social structure of each constituency
The CD-Rom is structured to aid research at every level. An easy to use interface allows general reference by journalists, local politicians and A-level students, which gives key information for every region and constituency. Data is supplied in Excel and SPSS formats for more advanced research.
BPC Support SiteA web-based support site is available with further information about the 2001 general election.
ISBN 1 899692 04 5Available through bookshops and directlyFor ordering and price information please see the table below

Reforming Labour
Edited by Sue Sturgeon with a preface by Bernard Crick
Polemic Publishing
This book analyses the impact of the New Labour project on participation in decision making by members of the Party. It argues that the Party, through its centralised decision making machinery has lost touch with its members and voters. It predicts that these tendencies not only open New Labour to the policy difficulties it has recently experienced, but that it weakens civil society and democracy itself.Reforming Labour cover
Reforming Labour draws upon a range of views - MPs and members of the NEC, prominent political commentators and ordinary members of the Labour Party. It encourages the expression of divergent opinions, but these share the common perception that the Party must re-engage with its members and voters in policy and decision making.
"This book is more than a protest, it marks the beginning of thinking towards new and coherent policies . . ." From the Preface by Professor Bernard Crick.
ISBN 1 899692 14 2Available through bookshops and directlyFor price and ordering information please see the table below

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Reforming LabourSue Sturgeon (Editor)1 899692 14 2Bookshops, direct sales, Politicos on-line



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